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JPC Board Exchange Program

JPC Board Exchange Program

There is no longer any need to send in your field controller components and wait for them to be repaired and returned. Jerry Pate Company’s Board Exchange program allows for immediate replacement of your irrigation controller components. The JPC Board Exchange Program provides, low, fixed rate prices, and a two year warranty on all replacement parts.

Toro Golf Controller Parts Identification Guide

Step 1: Identify your item needed using the link above or search the criteria to the left.
Step 2: Add the item to your cart with the quantity needed.
Step 3: Check the box in the pop-up menu after the item is added to your cart.
- A required $50 core charge per item will be applied to your order once the request is processed.
- A return label will be sent with your replacement board.
Step 4: Send your core item back to JPC using the return label provided within 10 days.
Step 5: The $50 core charge will be credited to your account once your core is received.

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  • VP Timing Mechanism - Version 4.0 BEP
  • LTC 2.0 Output Module BEP
  • VP / E-Osmac 8-Output Module Board BEP R102-2549 R102-0319
  • VP Pump Module LEAD FREE BEP R102-3015
  • Narrow Band E-Osmac Decoder BEP
  • Osmac RDR / LTC 1.1 Surge Board BEP
  • Narrow Band RDR Decoder BEP
  • E-Osmac 16-Output Surge Protection Board w / SW & Gas Pills BEP
  • LTC 4.0 Timing Mechanism BEP
  • LTC 4.0 8-Output Module LEAD FREE BEP R102-0681
  • LTC 2.0 Timing Mechanism BEP
  • E-Osmac Output Distribution Board BEP
  • E-Osmac Pump & Common Board BEP